Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 269: Lotta Action! I love it!

May be my birfday, but that small taters...


(And I not talkin bout of GRRH, I talkin bout US of A).
I gladly share attention and spotlight wif our Cousin Collin... on a counta he funny and silly and energetic and smart as whip, sharp as tack and he teach the Mom how play the Texas Hold Em!

Some say all Golden look like when wet, but here Dilly lookin after Bishop Boys in pool!

And then Dilly in... while Bishop Boys practice they synchrnonized swimmin routine! (note to the Aunt Karen and the Uncle Craig... they need own pool to truly develop to full potential... not shamin, just sayin).

And all the while pandamonium ring free and it all fun cept for the Uncle Tom who cleanin up on Aisle Four.
And don't blame me on a counta I lookin into suite what just short minute ago hold huge great dane...

And I just wonderin where big boy went! Must cake time!

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