Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 279: Love the Jammies!

I love my new jammy what the Aunt Karen make me... but not sure why the Mom hustle me into them as bad weather close in!

Scratch just once in bafroom... but so comfy in my jammy, feel safe settlin in for good night sweep right here on bafroom floor (till the Mom wake me up for some shmugglin...)!


Honey said...

Hi Luke! Nice jammies!
Thanks for visiting my site. Just so you know, I'm an older gal, who likes everyone equally, and not looking for one more than another. My hoomans are the ones I really love, and they watch out for me and take good care of me.

Thanks, and cheers!

The Luke said...

Oh, Honey...

I embarassed now on a counta I not mean no harm when say I have crush on you!

I hope you know my intentions were and are honorable, but I guess I overstep bounds wif you and I truly sorry when all I wanted was let you know the older gals are the prettiest...

You see, some time I get tired of people sayin when lookin at me, "can tell he got some years on him on a counta he white face"... all while I run circle round young pup.

My Mom was lookin for young pup when she fall in love and adopt me when I at age 9 and a half.

She, like me, appreciate fact... good thing come in not just gold but sometime old package!

Honey, I wish you best and most and happiest of all ever thing! And from readin your blog... you got it!

Love wif all due respect, Luke