Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 262: Aunt Karen Surprise Too!

Great thing bout the Aunt Karen is she not kind of aunt what just give clothes to the boy(s)... on a counta she got the Zeke and the Rizzo and she understand what make us boys not just jump for joy happy but also make us pose(!)... delicious treats, what on this special occasion are shamrock shape cookies!!!!!
And the Bleu, he off on side just tap tap tappin... but these cookies all mine! Shamrock! Birfday boy! Shared clothes can't spect me share cookies, too!

The Mom she say "no, one cookie Bleu's" and that not fair on a counta he not even at the table tusslin wif me over it... no, he instead over by the Mom wif the camera bumpin her elbow...

That how he roll.

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