Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 269: Meet The Sidney and His Mom!

One real good thing happen to me by way of bein blog celebrity, and that is I found out I got a Cousin Sidney and Aunt Lisa!

And one real good thing bout my Birfday is I got to meet em boaf!

Cousin Sidney sweet and handsome fellow and he real good bout lettin me get good lovin from his the Mom and my Aunt Lisa what is one and same!

One other thing bout Sid... boy do he find out he love to swim!!! He got buddin career in freestyle but need work on synchronization! Maybe Bishop Boys take him into they tooty-ledge.

And the Bleu, he not let me get all attention. He happy to meet the Aunt Lisa, too... so much so he kinda sink into her like wanna give her pony ride!

(And look at the Buddy in the background!!! He makin rounds!!!)

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