Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 120: My Trip To The Gulf Coast

Today was the big day, and me and the Mom were able to spend a little more quality time in the bed together than a typical Friday morning. And when we finally got up, we were all about our normal go outside and do businesses and come inside and watch Mom do all manner of repetitive and uninterestin stuffs... and all awhile I'm dancin toward the kitchen and she's doin other things and I'm lookin at her like is she crazy or senile and she's mutterin apologies and keepin on forgettin that I'm vanishin into thin airs from starvation...

And then up drove Uncle Tom and out came the leash and I almost but not quite forgot about how hungry I was as I was so happy to see him and show him my favorite places on the street.

Then we all got in Uncle Tom's (now that's what I call a) ride, and off we went to Gulf Coast. We had a great time and I love Uncle T you know I do... but he would not let me drive. I don't know if it was on a counta the Mom was in the car, rush hour traffic or that he just knows I'm more of an open road (heavy on the gas, light on the brake) kind of big guy. But he did not let me take the wheel not even once.

Trip was full of chitchat, "big guy"s, "sweety boy"s and cheek smooches, then whoa... we arrived at the Gulf Coast and wait a minute... no roar of waves, no water, no sand. Only this:

A building wif little rooms, some that have moving floors... and others that have floors that progress incrementally down into the ground and are only about 12" wide. For the record, I do not like those, nor do I like the thunderous hum of the moving floors.

Other than that, I can say that I liked most ever one I met today though I thought it most unmannerly that they did not share their breeakfastes. And Dr. King was nice and frolicked with me on the floors and the other nice man took my nasty sock off.

And then we came home. And much to my displeasure, Uncle Tom left and then the Mom finally remembered my breakfast and I ate. And then I think we were both worn out on a counta it was nothing like we had both hoped and we spent the afternoon in the bed and just otherwise draggin around.

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