Thursday, October 9, 2008

Day 112: As You See Me...

As I lay... for 15 hours. I adjusted myself a few degrees from north... but not by much.

The Mom had structions bout what was to be done. And she followed most of em, to the best of her judgment.

I took my Ace when I got home. I took my Benny-drill at the half day mark.

I wouldn't get up to eat or drink, so she fed me canned food by spoon which I gulped. And she gave me IKE (ice) chips. She begged, cajoled, sang... she went outside and talked to me, leaving the door open... but here I lie.

At 7am this morning, she put a half day's breakfast in my bowl... but I had no reaction. So, she got the leash... and that raised my curiosity. I raised my head enough for her to make a connection... and then I tentatively raised my body.

She led me to the backyard and then took the leash off. I stood there. There was nothing I wanted to do. So we we both just stood there...

When we came inside though, I followed the Mom to the kitchen and looked at my bowl. She held it up to me, but I was hesitant. She handed me a bite and I ate it... another and down the hatch. She raised the bowl under my chin, and I backed off. She placed the food on a plate and held it, and I ate every morsel.

We then went out. I did all manner of businesses, and I mean ALL. And I came back in to look at my bowl. The Mom filled it with the other half of the day's breakfast... And I backed up and laid down.

Well... that musta pushed her limits, because she announced that I was not going to be another "Wellington". I don't know who that is... but he musta been someone who ruled her roost, unconditionally.

I thought about things just a minute, as she was cleanin up the kitchen... and then I ate out of the bowl she served me in.

Eatin lots o pill pockets, mostly drowsy, stitches itch, but I'm feelin better by the hour. The best part is... the Mom is home wif me!

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