Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 114: One Good Thing About Not Being Trusted

You're not left home alone to rip out your stitches! Instead, you go with the Mom to run her Saturday errands!

We got up early, ate our breakfastes, did our businesses and got dressed... well, the Mom did. I stayed in my jammies, bein as how I'm still recoverin and all...

Then while the temperature was still 66 degrees, we boarded the trolley and off we went to new and far away places:

First Stop: Foods Store... I sat in the car in a "prince's parking spot" while the Mom made what she referred to as first seed qualifyin time sweep through the store for bounty. When she came out, I was sittin calm as could be, just where she left me. I did quickly make attempts to root through the bags, however!

Second Stop: Petco... I went in with the Mom and if I may say so myself, I was a very good boy. I minded my own manners, didn't knock anything over, and was pleased wif my purchases. The Mom bought me Buddy Biscuits Veggie Madnesses (upset they had no Molasses Madnesses), Buddy Sweet Potato Chips (ain't tried em yet, but if Buddy likes em I prolly will too), three bags o pill pockets (whoa... how many more pills do I have to take???) and a new baby I love who goes by name of Rudy.

Third Stop. Bank... I didn't get to talk to the tell-her this time, since we just went through the part where the Mom puts a thing in this swell and generous machine and moneys come out. She says we gotta pay the tree man in moneys. And he's supposed to be here this afternoon.

And then we rounded the trolley back to home, where I deboarded first and sniffed around in the front yard then went inside and worried about Rudy still in the trolley...

But the Mom bustled bout and brought in Rudy and foods. And then I wanted to go outside and did and came in and took a long nap wif Rudy while tree man made a mess in our yards.

And now the Mom who's been gimpy for weeks wif her herniated disk right through her hip and down to her little toe and the one next to it (not that she's complainin... and I wouldn't be caught sayin she has)... is waitin till it cools off a little to start draggin a heapin round four to the front of the house that just got cleaned.

I'd help but I just had surgery, am on drugs, ain't trusted off leash and wouldn't be much help on leash. Just sayin'...

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