Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Day 131: I'm a Pisces. Thanks For Asking!

The Mom got this thing on her phone so she can read my dogscope to me ever day. I'm not sure why but I've found humorin her is my first best option in all things that don't involve a sock taped to my foot or a bone bein taken away.


"Your owner (huh??? Owner??? You mean My Mom???...) is going through some kind of emotional upheaval, but that's the only thing that's clear. The details might be fuzzy but your response is not. Don't let them out of your sight."

Honest... that's what it said. Wierd timing cause of the heaval part but the last sentence is a Goldens Rule!

P.S. I puked breakfasts again today wifout even knowin my scope. Made only maybe 30 minutes difference in the Mom's departure. Wif layoffs and conomies bein as they are, she can't much ford to be sentimental. But she is anyways and I maybe saw a tear but Kongy distracted me so I don't know. Will look closer tomorrow.

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