Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day 128: Progress And Reflection

I'm tired tonight on a counta we got up early and the Mom went and got a second round of breakfasts and while she was gone Uncle Tom called and I wanted to answer the phone to tell him the nerve of her for going wifout me but I couldn't reach it.

But when she got back she offered me tasty morsels and I forgot I was mad but remembered to tell her to call my Uncle T.

She did and talked to Aunt Madison and then we worked on my masterpiece all day till the Mom cleaned up the day's mess and went to dinners wif my fambly who I didn't get to even see and it ain't fair but life ain't fair cause that's what the Mom says her Daddy always told her.

I can put fair aside on a counta I been livin my whim (outside of a breakfast run and bein trusted wif a xacto!) all day, and I'm tired, it's dark and late and I'm done.

I tried to frow up to keep the Mom from goin but it only came out as a empty "hack hack hack". And then nuffin. And then so she went.

All's good though cause I know she'll be happy when she gets back... can't help but be happy in good company... which is why I'm most always happy. Up to me, ole gal would never leave but she's even better when she comes back. So I tolerate it specially when it volves fambly!

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