Wednesday, October 29, 2008


SLEEPIN POSITION ONE: When greatful as I am to be in the in of doors, goes wifout sayin Sleepin Position One is where the Mom wants you which in my case is on big bed wif her. Bein not sure what is her and what is pillows she puts under covers and not wantin to make mistake as the Mom thinks surely I must have in Chapter One otherwise would not be so careful now... I sleep on edge of lumpy stuff. Head is norf so can be rubbed. Rear toward souf and poised for sneaky getaway.

SLEEPIN POSITION TWO: Transition must be carefully timed for the Mom's drowsiness so as not to arouse overt upsettedness and pleain for please get back on the big bed. Point of Position One is to put the Mom to bed and get head rubbed... order varies dependin on mood. Sometimes transition is best eased into by hoppin off big bed and goin to side of bed for more head rubs. Exact location of Position Two depends on temperature, wind speed and barometric pressure (wood floors in or out of draft... or ceramic tile floor of bunker).

SLEEPIN POSITION THREE: Sneaky transition is less critical at this stage on a counta its bout 230 to 3am and while the Mom's a light sleeper, she's less likely to throw a fuss at this time o darkness. Longer I'm here the less I feel the need to begin transition to Three wif visit to side of bed for head rub but sometimes still do. Since weather is cooler, favorite Position Three is on treadmill.

(Hey, somebody gotta use it!)

SLEEPIN POSITION FOUR: Transition to Four begins when squawky thing goes off (Hate that thing but that's nother blog) and involves mandatory visit to side of big bed for head rub followed by pause at end of big bed to wait for the Mom's tap tap tap on other side of bed. Then settle into same as Position One till the Mom gets tired of the squawky thing and realizes how hungry I am.

Positions for day are different and subject for nother day.

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