Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 343: Thinkin of Friends Thursday... Checkers & Khyra

And today I think of my good buddy, the Checkers... who place prayer for me in Saint Francis Prayer Jar... and tempt to relieve my guilt over my previous indiscretion...

And I offer this updated photo to prove he beed still in one peace and many thanks for your prayer, on a counta from your heart to Francis' ear... I got most excellent B-9 results!!!

And for my wonderful furriend Khyra, let me just say... inspired by you, my dokhumentation is in progress. I get so excited to watch pitchers on your website as I am novice but enthusiast and learn so much from the you!

And so please forgive amateur hour as I offer this furry blurry photo of my dove nest! I have already caught dove baby in mouf and let him loose and don't worry he is fine.
I also have beautiful pair of khardinals and at least one owl nestin somewhere very close by and I beed workhin on gettin photos and while I know my birds are most khommon I know you understand they are furry special to the me!

Stay tuned and I will tell story of my flyin skhwirrels!

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Oh my!

I think I might be TOO excited to sleep!