Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 342: Mid Week Chore Day

Wednesday is mid week chore day, and the Mom all ways come home from factory on a mission!

First she come home and clean the Bleu bobo and then she chase him frew house wif the anti-by-otic spray.

Second and I ack-knowledge this from the category of TMI... she scour yard for any poop what might have beed missed durin daily scoopin. She also collect from yard any single thing what she don't want there for next week. And she bag it and drop it over top of fence.

(Somefin bout this activity make me very sad, scared and a little nervous. Bleu don't mind helpin her... but I make myself in visible as possible, and I lie by door).

And then the Mom run Mr Dyson and empty his canister and then she go frew frige and frow perfectly good (imho) foods in bag and then also she go frew house and tump all little baskets and floor containers into other bags and then she take all bags out frew the front door. And then she put them bags as well as bags she frew over fence into big cart and she roll it out to curb.

And all this make me and the Bleu very tired mostly on a counta we watch the Mom wash her hands bout million times and this what take bulk of time but I digress...

And then we wonder... can we all settle down in the room wif the sound and movin pitcher box???
Or is it GRRH and/or moonlight time...

And answer this day is yes it in fact is.

Now I don't want you go away and think we didn't get good lovin and sweet songs and lotsa chatter from the Mom on Mid Week Chore Day (why you think she kept washin hands??? She wash on a counta she don't want give us the germs or allergies!)... on a counta we did.

Did we get as much as ever other day? No. We did not. And that is why we go on record just now to say we do not like Mid Week Chore Day... but then neither does the Mom! In fact this night she get bit whiney bout how hard it beed to be ever thing from the Mom to the maid to the garbage man to the doctor to... you get pitcher.

But you know... it all cool and ok... on a counta we all real happy together. We are. We got what's important and that is ever thing we really need and top of the that we got love and humor abundant!
And so it not such big thing to just chill and wait on time for goin to bed lovin.

Tomorrow will be better day... oops no, o shoot. Tomorrow beed day lawn dude do lawn. (Thank Dog it the one chore the Mom delegate to some the one else!!!)


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

All is SOOOO khorrekht with our worlds, ain't it!?!


Tee said...

Hello there Luke and Bleu,

We've observed Our Chief washes her hands too - about a gadzillion times everytime she feeds, changes our water, bathes, playes with us etc.

She says its high-gene-nic! Whatever that means ...

licks and wags

TUffy and the Dog WOods Pack