Monday, May 4, 2009

Day 319: Award??? Who... The Me???

Ever body what know me know I blog on a counta I have much time to make up for and lots to say on a counta before my second and new life... never beed in of doors, much less had compy and freedom of type on the keyboard!

So... I truly honored and humbled when my friend, the Checkers surprise me wif this awesome a ward!

A cordin to what I understand is tradition, I now tell you seven of my favorite things and this gonna have to be kinda stream of conscience thing on a counta it hard to break down magnitudinous multitude of things what are my favorite!!!

And that be on a counta you can sum up but million favorite things wif just just four words: MY NEW AND SECOND LIFE!

But in spirit of tradition, and in no particular order, here go (and I decide not write dissertation on a counta I could write forever bout my favorite things!)...

1. THE MOM. Just not one single thing better in life than the lovin Mom and lovin the Mom.

2. MY BROTHER BLEU. On a counta he the well mannered go-long-get-long Bleu... and he let me be boss of him (not really but I like thinkin so). He ornery but I love him.

3. GRRH what is my extended family!!! That short for Golden Retriever Rescue of Houston for those who think my second favorite thing is growl!

4. HOME. Nuffin better than havin the forever one what is sweet gig like mine!!! Just sayin. Like venturin out to occasional play date, Mr T Day Spa, Golden reunion or just a spin in the car... but big sigh of contentment when I get back to the here!

5. COMFORTS. And by that I mean soft toys what I love to suck and multitude of beds what I got pick from... o and also I love head rub and ok don't tell nobody... I love to push self real close to the Mom when she sleep, but shhhhhh... It not be fittin my tough boy image.

6. FOODS! Two times my favorites ever day and those beed breakfasts and dinners! Snacks in only thing get me from one to other. I love the GRRH cookies what the Mom makes most... but my favorite store bought include Buddies Molasses Madnesses, California Natural Lamb & Rice Healf Bars and my latest favorite... Nutro Crunchy Treats wif real berries!!!

7. OLD AND NEW FRIENDS!!! And I can't thank the YOU enough for all your outporin of the love and support and the kind words and couragement. You gots no idea how special you make my life!

And now come hard part and that is narrow down to seven new recipients of this award... as I love so many blogs and hate leave anybody out... and so I spin the Bleu round and round bout seven times and let him point to list!

Me and the tipsy Bleu would like to honor the following:

Ludo van Doggy
And to ALL my blogger friends... readin your blogs is big highlight of my day!
Thank you for takin time to share your life wif the me!


Checkers & Chess said...

AWWWW Luke - you make mom have that leaky, watery stuff drip from her eyes. We're gonna meet you one day - I just know we will

Mason Dixie said...

congratulations on you award, very deserving. And those are some wonderful things to love. =)

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


It is nice to meet woo!

Daisy and Her Birfday Furiends khontest was such a khool idea!


Dino and Family said...

Hey Luke, I am so honored to receive an award from you! Thank you so much for your friendship! Love, Dino