Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 331: 23 Things

1. Slept late wif the Mom.
2. Ate tasty breakfasts.
3. The Mom took a shower quickly. (This is never good).
4. Chased two birds and a squirrel.
5. Brought the Mom a nut / seed / pit of some sort.
6. The Mom gave me a pill pocket and berry treats what I had to sit, shake and down for...
7. The Mom left but said she beed "right back".
8. The Mom NOT beed "right back".
9. The Mom come home and smell like the DIBS. (This is what she call GRRH puppy).
10. DIBS did not come home wif the Mom (and that VERY GOOD THING).
11. The Mom brought home Grand Lux fried chicken in what called "DOGGY BAG". ("LUKE BAG" would be better name!).
12. We lay down, cool off, I take nap while the Mom rub my head.
13. Ate tasty dinner foods.
14. Went outside to do the businesses... took one look at sky and said "o hell to the no I won't go"!
15. Made B line back frew open door and the Mom swoop me up, put me in my jammies.
16. Just like I predict... O POOP... THUNDER!!!
17. Bunker 1 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 2 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 3 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 1 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 2 scratchscratchscratch...Bunker 3 scratchscratchscratch... you get pitcher...
18. Fried chicken. Forget thunder one quick minute. And pill pocket...
19. Repeat 17.
20. Still loud, but it more tolerable. And I shove my head up under the Bleu's back.
21. And now it seem over.
22. And all good but the Mom back workin on the compy... (should take poll.. is livin under bridge so bad??? I think the Mom be ok there, and she could always come over and visit me and the Bleu at the Aunt Madison's or the Aunt Karen's...! Two of them not mind me havin day company not one bit whatsoever, I sure.)

23. I lay in study wif her, but just to be safe... I keep head under library table aka next best thing to bunker.


Checkers & Chess said...

awwww luke - will the thunder ever stop in houston?????? at least you got fried chicken! I had another HE episode this morning so I'm back on the liver diet!!!!!!

The Bumpass Hounds said...

Heya Luke,
We totally understand your anxiety about the thunder boomers. our dad was a Navy pilot and he was both a student and then much later an instrutor at Kingsville and he says that Texas thunderstorms are very scary even for pilots. You've got GRRH and we have AHGRR. We currently have a "foster" (yeah, right) pup from AHGRR that is recovering from the parvo virus. he is 14 weeks old and totally blind. He's got 2 more quarantine weeks left out in the detached garage. Old bear Dog and Rusty had big problems with Thunderstorms so they used to go in the upstairs bedroom closet with a light on and the door closed. that was kinda their bunker. Good luck buddy.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Sorry to read about your thunderboomers...

I am furry glad woo got some yummy chikhken!


Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

Good to know things are all better now - I bark at the big thunder and lightning - but dont mind it much - i lay in the window and watch the waves and the trees - but bunkering down is a good idea too