Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 325: Happy Mom Day

... to the Mom what receive this special card and wish from me, and the Bleu... of course...

We wish for the Mom extreme magnitude of all ways and manner of emotion that she expends upon us, wifout regard for return.

And I would not be loyal brother if I did not say the Bleu play large part in pickin card, comin forf wif allowance money and hoistin me to counter to buy stamp to send...but also we owe big thanks and gas money to the Aunt Dav who chaperone us round town!

Me and the Bleu, we wait on cable to go out again (and it will) and then we settle in for heavy pettin and treats what go long wif theme of movie... and specially since our forever home is somewhat fantasy as to how life might be lived! It some time borin here, but gotta say... emotion heavily invested on the 'can't get no better than this' side!