Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 253: Mister T Spa

Me and the Bleu and the Mom board trolley in five OH clock traffic, and while I not know where we goin, I know it must be good on a counta all the cars headin there and in front of the us!

And lo and behold we wind up at Herd House, also known as Mr T Spa! And familiar wif process, I willingly get slather up wif my 20 minute conditionin soak... and in my immense gratitude, I promptly proceed to return favor to new deck upon which I stand!

Twenty minute of the Mom chasin me sayin 'no Luke no, outta flower bed, Luke back on deck' and I back to get final rinse!

I love me some Uncle Tom... errr Mister T (of the Mister T Day Spa Mister T...) attention, and so I tolerate rinse just as well as wash!

And stand patiently on bench wif smile on face, I do!

The Mom boaf love moment and also quite intrique by how skinny the Luke look wif wet hairs.

I find it funny but let you know right quick... I not skinny boy. I just right weight, just look so very much skinnier when soakin wet, but courage you all the same to tell the Mom Luke need more treats! Just sayin!

Ride home tonight much quieter than ride to spa... could hear chin drop and it did! And the Mom say Luke go from hellion to angel in few short hour.

As general rule, trolley ride to anywhere FROM home cause far more anxiety than return trip!

We back home now and we all three tired and can't wait for pillow to hold head!

More on adventure... tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Loved the pics! Sidney had his "spa treatment" at home yesterday, and yeah, even his big self looks so skinny when soaked.

Is Lu doing better in regards to his hot spot?

Lisa and Sidney

The Luke said...

Deer Aunt Lisa,

"Spa treatment" make boy feel good and I bet Cousin Sidney all feelin sporty and frisky and maybe even like wallerin in the grasses like what is fun to do when got the clean hairs!

The hot spot question is sensitive issue... boaf wif the Mom and my hind side. You see, I workin on nother one, and the Mom is workin on me!

I runnin outta scuses for why patooty wet and chewed when the Mom gone for ten minute... best thing ever happen tho is when she found the Bleu lickin my hot spot one day! He now my go-to culprit!

Real good chance I havin birfday party next Saturday at the Pet Paradise (waitin on weather report on a counta you know how I hate a storm!). Would love ya'all to come! Think about it!!! Would love hang out wif the Sidney... do he like to swim? I don't. But it plenty fun run around!

Hope to see you real soon. And thanks for stoppin by my lil blog and please come back soon!

Wif much love from the C.H. Luke