Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 240: Valentine Gift (Sorta) Distraction

Me and the Bleu got Valentine gifts from the Mom what I pretty sure I seen before! But that ok, on a counta we love em just the same. I start out wif ducky duck...

And Bleu start out wif MY honkin turtle what he honk honk honk in the spite of all my dismay.

And just so you don't think Luke cranky on a counta jealousy. I not.

It just I think toy should be good for suckin and not make noise.

Just sayin. (Please tell the Bleu?).

On a counta he find joy in the skweek skweek skweek and the honk honk honk of each and ever toy in this house. And it disturb me somewhat to well frankly... a lot.

The Mom like hear he joy wif toy. That a nnoy me too.

But this not matter of jealousy. Really not.

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