Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 240: Nite Nite to Holiday

As the Holiday of Love draw to close, I offer these last two images to display my pride in not so much peckin order of love... but more how I craftily run inside from last call and take position.. on the clean and fresh sheets (even better)!

(Dark spot you see on comforter is where the Bleu burp water before we went outside for last call... He funny that way!).

These pictures taken after the Mom brush toofies and before she get in big bed.

Don't spend no time feelin sorry for the Bleu on a counta he invited and hop on big bed after the Mom settle in and we slumber like three chocolates in Russell Stover box... well cept some candy bigger than other!

P.S. The Mom make comment when she take these pictures. Her exact words were:

"This pitiful. It lover holiday. And look here got the Luke on clean sheets. I need get the life."

To which I replied... "O, the Mom... you got the life! The best ever!"

At which point, she skwish my cheeks and kiss me on my nose... careful not to have me move outta position, even though I on her side of big bed... and it hard to maneuver cover when she get in.

She do that on a counta she know I right.

Just few more reasons I love her... cheek skwishes, nose kisses, sheet sharin, tolerance for origami when it come to sharin bed wif the Luke and the Bleu...

And for knowin when Luke right!

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