Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 240: Happy Valentine and Thank You

Deer Aunt Madison and Uncle Tom,

Happy Valentine Day on what is our first to celebrate and as you know
we owe you and by we I mean me and the Bleu of course.

The Bleu he not so good at spressin hisself
but he here spinnin in circle and tap tap tappin he feet.
Took while to figure out for me but guess you know that he way of sayin 'yes yes yes'.
Me and the Mom come to think of him sometime as exclamation mark.
Sometime word not needed on a counta "!" say it all!

Many special thanks for helpin the us make this a special Valentine Day for the Mom!
Not just anybody woulda snuck us cross town to get most special gift for the Mom. It wonderful surprise on a counta she totally not spect it... but wish you coulda see her face how it light up!

Turn out it THE VERY mug what she ask Cheddar to order for her!!!
So you see she be wantin it really bad and they call this week and tell her it in and she forget to go by and get it and then the us and the you swoop in and get it for her!
How more perfect could that be???!
...And she thinkin me and the Bleu forget bout lover holiday
(not to mention suspect we waste our a llowance on poker, cigars and baseball cards!).... but no! That such good and sneaky surprise!!!

Can't thank you nough for all you do for us and the Mom, but gotta say...
Valentine gift really bleu her away!
No way we coulda execute such thoughtful and sweet and lovin suprise... wifout you!
So thank you thank you thank you!

Gotta close now to scratch floor.
Got friends in Taipei and Malaysia. Ain't stormin there. Will send postcard.

Wif much and special love from your Nef-You Luke... and the Bleu (#6), of course (tap tap tap)

P.S. While hate to spoil thank you note, must ask why you be sneaky drive the Mom cross town to buy what she call "manly and size appropriate" bandanas...
Thought the us and the you had a greement bout sneakiness. O well.
(The Mom say she take better pitchers tomorrow when the Luke ain't so busy predictin weather... on a counta now she know I right. You see, I start freak out many hour ago
and the Bleu go to bed in simpaffy).

P.S.S. The Bleu sniff the Mom pants today & he got question for you what I loosely translate...

"!...!...!...!...!... but what !...?"

I tole him smell like bree.

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