Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 743: And Also An Update to Day 742... Just One Big Stormy 'Alex' Mess

When I last saw you it was outta the corner of my right eye...
And it was really Day 741, but I was waxin poetic and somewhat mournfully about Day 742... on a counta this is snapshot of just the birf of certain and impendin doom!
Note that pin on left is spot of my Heavenly Retreat... Campo Blanco in Wimberley. And pin on right is my house, Heavenly Spot where I relish my ever single Forever day!

Well, we made it frew that [Wednesday] night wif only a tiny bit of a nbd [nervous breakdown] early on, just after lights out... and funeral music off. We all thereafter swept frew the night and the Mom went off to work on Fursday mornin. Day 742. She was SO confident we were in the clear that she did not give me fird pill pocket [or 'cocktail' as she call it], but that confidence did not last long. 

When she come bustlin in round noon, I was happy to see her... and happy she brought tasty lunch for us to share. Wif the good sniffs, I made quick business outside and raced in to imbibe in the lunch foods. At first, I was a bit confused on a counta it was our traditional Friday foods and it is Fursday... am I wrong??? Never mind, 'go wif it' I fink on a counta... hunger and tastiness!

And then it happened... the first sounds.
And then 'the cocktail' was served... And I was frocked in the storm cape, and it goes wifout sayin that the funeral music was blarin, the Bleu had his head under the bed and the Mom was tryin to be the textbook Mom in the situation.
June Cleaver, she is not... so she leave me few short minutes and take pitchers of out of doors. 1:49pm yesterday, our patio is underwater... and the Mom is startin to worry.
Out front... no visible curbs, but the Mom has seen it way very much worse. She fink we ok, floodwise, for now... but for the me, she very much wish it would STOP!
I finally come out from the bunker round 5pm. I am not in a great mood. I am drowsy, still. And I am not confident in the status of the storm.
Yea, I am called out from the bunker by my tummy. I am hungry. My funder-fobia shall not infringe on my belly's voracious right to be treated and/or fed! In the battle of idiosyncrasies, belly wins! Just sayin!
We had a somewhat lively but not an anxiety filled night. I DID have an episode just after lights out and funeral music off [again]... but I settled right down. We all swept lovinly and peaceful until about 230am when I found myself on the big bed, starin down at the Mom... to make sure she heard what I heard. She did not.

I laid down on the end of the bed, but some firty minutes later... the monsoons, i.e. nother band of the Alex did begin to deluge! I hop down and bunker to scratch, of course... and the Mom drag her butt up to turn on the funeral music and put a sweet, comfortin foot on my back.

HEAVY rains and funder did follow until they died down shortly before 7am, when I accepted the invite to go outside to do the businesses... and here's what I trapsed frew!
My the Mom checked the radar and called in to the Factory to make arrangements to work from the Norf Office [aka the Casa de Luke y El Bleu]. And work she began to do!

And then at a point around 920 am, the weather was calm and the Mom make a swaff frew the house for some more caffeine... and she bring camera wif her!

And here is the Bleu, lookin sweet and dapper, prim and proper... and irony do not escape me or him or most certainly the Mom... that the DVD box set to his left is "My So Called Life"... Just sayin!
And that is even more meaninful to the him, on a counta how his life is affected by... the me and my the storm foughts and feelins and demonstrative anxieties.

Just as I demonstrate em now... in my suburban bunker, the stool [as you know].
Yep, here's lookin at you... Friday mornin... frew my right eye!
And then... I have no better way of describin it... but 'the weather all went to hell'! I ate a pill pocket. I listened to the funeral music. I protested from time to time wif the scratchin, whistlin and pacin....
But for the most part, I just curled myself up tight a round the toilet and tried to ignore the world...
...until time for the dinner foods!!!

I was not super happy wif the status of the storm, but I was hungry... and ok. also very tired of the bunker.
I ate my dinners, raced outside to do quick businesses and raced back inside and hopped onto the big bed!!!
Now I know you are all wonderin what is happenin wif the Bleu, and I do so wish he had the time [and compy] to blog... on a counta Big Boy has he own perspective on fings round here... but for now, you will have to suffice wif mine!

Here is Big Sweet Boy about 545pm tonight... and gosh, his head DO look small, but that is on a counta Big Boy's hairy ever fing else!!!
And here I am, firty minutes later, at 615pm. I am not copyin the Bleu... It's just a really sweet place to lay.
And the Bleu is back in one of his most favoritest places... Just sayin.
And now here I am composin this post... and like magic, I hope, it will upload!!!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Alex must really like woo boys to want to hang around and share his khool kholours -

YIKES - poor The Luke
and The Bleu
and The Mom


Deborah said...

WOW, all that rain. Glad you safe and guess what, I am following! LOL I just noticed that! I'm in the middle of your followers next to Pat from K9!
Stay dry and safe!

♥ Sallie said...

Come join the Party! We are taking over Hawaii for the 4th of July. Meet new friends. Join the Hawaii Blog Hop and party all weekend long!


Anonymous said...

Hey Luke - wish I could do something to make the storms stop... or at least make them stop bothering you. You sound pretty miserable. What's with the funeral music? I understand trying to drown out the thunder, but couldn't she play something a little less depressing? Hang in there. This too shall pass.

Cheyenne -Millie said...

So much rain! I am scared of water ... but Monty does like it lots! You look cute looking out of the corner of your eye!

houndstooth said...

I'm awfully glad to hear that you're all okay so far! At least you've got that bunker. I am glad I do not have to go out to go potty in that rain! Just sayin'!


the booker man said...

that is one crazy epic storm you went through, mr. luke! look at all that water! i'm glad that you and the bleu and the mom are okie dokie.
**special note to rain and boomies**
i am ordering you to leave texas RIGHT NOW cuz mr. luke does not want you stinkers there anymore!! GO AWAY!!!
the booker man

The Thundering Herd said...

Alex does sound like a most loud and rude boy. Why don't you come up here with us for a few days and enjoy some nice cool, peaceful air?

♥I am Holly♥ said...

What a storm! We know how they can be and they are scary. We don't have any at all now. Nothing. No rain. Just dust blowing. Stay safe!!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly