Saturday, April 18, 2009

Day 303: Bad Day, Very Bad Day

Most my days so good need nip myself make sure I not dreamin, but this one... not of those.

In the stead of radar snapshot I offer you photo what the Mom took few hours ago... (When get over shock of flood, it funny to note latest collection of Bleu sticks on table!)

As you see, this not good time to go out and do business but that not issue on a counta I in bunker wif nervous breakdown!

And the Bleu in middle of mid-afternoon snooze so he not concerned.

Risin waters to bout half way up "oh my dog" door mat and getting close to bein in house wif us... (the Mom got nice toe... no?)

And then out front river run frew it! Did this yesterday too and saw it wif my own eyes... but o-heck-to-the-no today... I not leave bunker to look at nuffin!

Just sayin.

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Checkers & Chess said...

That's a lot of H20 Luke -