Sunday, April 12, 2009

Day 297: Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter Bunny what look lot like the Aunt Karen
but wif longer ears... (just sayin)...
bring me and the Bleu Easter eggs what the Mom "hide" for us!

Well not sure you can call it "hide"
when we watch ever thing she do...
but once we learn what in there... IT FUN GAME!

Bleu blivious... this one mine!

I spy wif my wittle eye...MINE!

The Bleu see next one, on a counta it way up high!

Yo Yo Yo... this one way down low!

And the Bleu see next one in chair... you see he eye askin 'can I have it?'

That ok on a counta low ones taste better any way!!!

This fun game when figure out can crack egg for tasty treat!!!
And real good part is we only do bout half eggs in basket!
I be askin the Mom can we do this again tomorrow!!!
On a counta I hungry now!

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