Friday, April 17, 2009

Day 302: Not Pretty Afternoon

Thunder should be a four letter word and I said a few of em this afternoon!

In past, the Mom give me drug to help me frew storm but we tryin just
jammies now and I gotta say, I not feel need to have nervous breakdown until storm over the head. And while I dig and panic somewhat bad today... it not near bad as in past.

In my defense, use imagination... storm movin soufwest to norfeast and this radar image bout 5 hour past my meltdown. I not get worst and I grateful for it. I just put this image up on a counta you might think I just storm pansy!

Tomorrow posed to be bad, too... so it prolly gonna be jammy day and that bitter on a counta I hate storm... and sweet on a counta I know the Mom not leave me here (wif the Bleu) alone!


Checkers & Chess said...

Oh Luke - I'm so sorry that the storms frighten you. I guess you're a little bit big to jump in the bed and under the covers with your pawrents! I'm usually okay but a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the night we had something daddy called "rolling thunder" - it rolled for what seemed like 5 mintues - anyway it scared me and I actually jumped into the bed!!!! I NEVER get in their bed - I like my own! But you know what I figured out - Their big bed is even more cozy than my bed and daddy is VERY warm - so now I sleep there - even without the thunder!!!!!!! I hope that storm doesn't come here! Now put on your jammies and stick close to your mom!!!!

Angel Tucker, Daisy and Leo said...

Hi Luke

Your jammies are very cute. We hope they helped during the storm. We don't mind storms but Tucker doesn't like fireworks much.

Tucker and Daisy

The Luke said...

O Checkers... I know what you mean bout the big bed, but I just cannot bring myself jump in it durin the storm. The Mom beg me, on a counta she think she hold me all be be fine but I gotta either keep pacin or bunker.

It not good thing and it bout only remnant of my past I suffer... so it break the Mom's heart... I know she love me and wish I could let her comfort me but just can't and can't explain it!

My Aunt Karen is scientist and she make me jammies what help wif the static electricity from storm and also are snug and make me feel safe and (on a counta made by the Aunt Karen) loved!

Jammies have helped lots durin pass frew storms... but when storm go on all day, can't help but let my brain tell me... BUNKER!

I exhasted after this day and must now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...