Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 442: Oops I Ate It!

Some few days ago, my good friends the Scout and Freyja, honor me wif fun award and invitation to play game... They say, "Luke have you ever been bad boy and ate what is not the yours?"

And then when I saw award, I immediately misread it... I thought it say "Poops I ate it!" and I thought, I got this one in the bag! But the Mom quickly correct me, so here go:

I am REALLY good boy when it come to the Mom food. I have never stolen any fing off of the counter (looked, sniffed but did not take) or the table or her plate.

As evidence, I offer you this pitcher... taken of me some 15 days after Hurricane Ike took my tricity, my cool airs, my frigerator, my lights, my tv, my compy... oops, I digress.

My point is that even when I pretty sure the Aunt Karen make the cookies for me, I yield to the Mom when she say "No Luke this is not for you".

And now here is where I must begin my confessions by revealing my indiscretions:

I am not such good boy wif the willpower and restraint when it come to backyard buffet. And what follows is collection (the Mom is wierd) of fings I have brought the Mom in my mouf...

One piece in this collection is missing, on a counta the Mom took it somewhere to be identified. Do you know what these are? No? They are the innerds of acorns.

The Mom is not sure if I ate the outerds or if the squirrels did, and I just picked up their mess. I ain't told yet... and I ain't tellin now! (It good for the Mom to wonder bout few fings)!

And this is real bad pitcher but you see is two rocks what the Mom has pulled outta my mouf. (Told you she was wierd... believe me now?).

And this is squirrel bounty what I bring to the Mom tonight, as she sit on the patio and watch me and the Bleu enjoyin our backyard and buffet.

For those wif the untrained eye, it is unripened pecan!

And so it can be concluded that I really never stole nuffin of the food kind from the Mom. Really, I never did...

Ok, there was this one time, but I am not sure this can be considered stealin... I will let you decide.

Me and also the Bleu (of course) board trolley for destination unknown. Now I am pretty smart boy and I know well in advance when trolley is bein prepared for excursion on a counta the Mom finks she is sneaky and it is dead give-a-way.

So's anyway, the Bleu is sittin and just barely but still whimperin and I am in co-pilot position wif the rear end in the back seat per stated rules and the front end is propped up on console... and the Mom has gone inside to shut off tv and set alarm.

Well... I just happen to notice in front passenger seat that the Mom has packed an "On Board Snack"! And I figure... well, I am on board. Let me snack!

And my-o-my these were tastiest Good Boy Luke snacks I have ever tasted and I thought this is too good to be true as I helped myself to more! And then the Mom open driver door and she say "O no, Luke... that was MY breakfast!"

I not sure it can be counted as stealin on a counta I was unsure that opened package of these fings were the Mom's intended breakfasts and not the mine on-board snack!

Eery-gardless... boy-o-boy were they good! And now any time I smell em... I question ole gal again, you sure these not Good Boy treats???
Wow! This was real fun to play!

I have not been on the compy not much at all lately, due to storms and the Mom's responsibilities to GRRH... but I would now like to now spin the Bleu five times and pick some friends to share this experience and award wif (and please accept my apologies if you have all ready received this!)...
Ok... that was fun to watch(!), and the Bleu, he landed on the followin friends:

Now, here are the rules for this award:

1."When accepting this award, you must blog about the food you have stolen when your humans were not watching.
2.If you have never stolen any food, you must have been a really good pup!
3.You can accept this yummy tray of cookies as your reward!
4.Next add the logo of this award to your blog (optional), then nominate at least 5 other furry blogs and let them know by leaving a message on their blogs."

Most of all HAVE FUN!!! I sure did!!!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Woo make me laugh!

Those look like some interesting things to munch on!

Tank woo fur passing it along - I had done it already - I tend to like sweet things (khandies and such) although I did chekhk out some pakhkets of unpopped popkhorn!

PeeEssWoo: My furiend Ari in Maine has left her mom and dad some dead rakhkhoon - doesn't that sound YUMMY!?!

Checkers & Chess said...

Luke you are such the writer - I almost think you are Mark Twain or maybe William Faulkner - oh, I forgot you are a Texan not Mississippian - hmmmm that makes you a Larry McMurtry or Cormac Macarty - ooops only write non-fiction that makes you compare to John Graves........whoever it is you sure spin a good story Luke

I don't steal food either - unlike TANK!!!!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We were worried about you, Luke. Hope those storms haven't been too bad.

Congrats on your awards and thanks for sharing with us. We do like to counter surf but our humans are too smart for us. We'll take care of getting up a post.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

The Adventures of the LLB Gang said...

You are such a very good boy Luke about avoiding the temptations of your Mom's food!


Anonymous said...

Don't believe everything you read Luke. The only thing I ever took was some chocolate chip cookies... and they were left in a bag ON THE FLOOR! Any dog would have assumed that they were fair game if they were on the floor. Checkers is just jealous of me because now I have a better job than he does.

Anonymous said...

Is Bleu still dizzy?

When I first came to my Forever Home, I ganked one of Momz slices of fresh bread with fig preserves on it. yummy.

Cousin Sid

Scout and Freyja said...

We think that it is cool that you scored some p**p in the backyard! Way to go! And - those onboard snacks should be yours. Mom can share. We ♥ you Luke.

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

Thanx so muxh for thw award we are truly honored - we will post it very soon - great stories - we needed a smile today

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Ziggy Stardust said...

Hi Luke, My Mommy follows you on facebook, but silly us, we just found your blog. I love your eating stories, I am a proud food stealer. Congratulations on your award.

licks and sniffs, Sasha