Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 666: Free Fur All Friday... Full O The Devil!

I love a Friday, I cannot lie... on a counta the Friday mean  (1) sharin lunch wif the Mom for first time since Sunday and (2) our Traditional Family Nap... what more often than not means no real dozin but layin togever on big bed, watchin the judge shows (but gosh they have messed up our local lineup!) and gettin my head, chin, back and/or belly rubbed... dependin on how I position myself.
And today... I was in the mood for a very TINY amount of smoochin and lots of chin and ear rubs. Just sayin.

(3) Another good fing about the Friday is we get early and often access to the yard and usually it is freshly groomed (though today it is not).
All ways good to survey perimeter... And also to see if the Sammy is out of doors. He is not, and the Bleu is disappointed!
(4) 'Free Fur All' mean it good opportunity to tell you the random stuff, like we are happy that our the philodendrons are comin back (after RECORD COLD winter what killed most tropicals).

I call this next pitcher "JEST OUR HOPE" on a just our hope call forf the growf what now look like a jester hat!
This philly here started out as potted (when the Mom move here many years ago) but now it is clearly rooted (need to have the pot bust that pot off her). She is happily springin forf wif the new life!
(5) 'Free Fur All' is also good time to tell you stuff that I been meanin to share... like fact that Lilly, GRRH's expectin Mom is expectin no more! This here is one poster option that my the Mom put together for a recent GRRH event...

It is based on Brady Bunch pheme... Mom is up top/center. Dad is bottom/center. They do not yet have a maid like Alice, so the happy couple is in the center.
Ten puppies what are 8 boys and 2 GRrls. And you gotta love that pitcher of the one suckin on the other's nose. Just sayin.

Real neat fing bout whole situation is that dad, Lobo, is fully adopted (having been neutered) by the family that helped Lilly birf the puppies. Lilly is being adopted by the same Forever Family (pending eventual spay). And they will also be adopting one of the puppies. GRRH learn of tight bond they have in short time Lilly and Lobo were separated... on a counta neither one of them would eat. Reunited, they relished a full and tasty meal... and will forever be referred to as 'husband and wife'. Just sayin.

But now let's get back to the me... Single, Mama's Boy, Chivalrous and a Gentleman. Sweet Boy what is Devilishly handsome wif Personality to match!

Heh heh... And one of my most favoritest and DEVILish fings to do... is to trap the Bleu in the back room on a counta he do get so disturbed by it.

So,when Big Boy is bein ornery and will not come when the Mom call... I wait on him to come in the door and then I lay down in doorway to rest of house wif my back to him...
The Bleu, he immediately begin to fret. No way he will step cross the Luke. And there is no clearance otherwise.

Yep, Big Boy is upset... as he confront he own demons... you know... those what tell him

"When you obstinate and ornery, do not come when called... [and here's the real demon part]... and allow the Luke to beat you by a long shot frew the door... well, this is pickle you find yourself in!"
 "Mommy, please make him move?!?!?!" I know Big Boy utter plea, but I do not hear it.
I do not. I am, as you would expect, in the Luke wi-fi zone... and the Bleu mind signal is 3G, where available. Just sayin.
I also do not hear the Bleu heavy pantin, nor am I aware of he pacin and anxiety... on a counta my back is firmly planted to Boy Who Don't Come When Called. Just sayin. The Bleu is silly boy wif big sense of humor, but he is also ornery as day is long, and some time, as reminder, he just need...

A taste of the orneriness wif love from the Luke

PeeEss You are wonderin how did standoff resolve. Well, the Mom commanded the Bleu... "down"... and then she called me to her, Bleu hopped up... the Mom told us both "sit", gave us the berry treats and then she walked to kitchen wif 'the devil' followin close behind... and the Bleu took refuge in the den!  


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Woo are full of it alright!

GReat post Handsome!

Those GR-starter kits are pretty freakin' khute!

Love the BB pikh!

And yes, that nose pikh was soooo SKHWEEABLE!

PeeEssWoo: Woo DEVIL!

The Luke said...

Starter khit pitchers are at 4.5 days old, what was just over a week ago... wish I could see em now on a counta me and the Bleu might find ourselves bein "HIS two dads"...

Just sayin. Prolly not. But slight maybe. I fink no. But there's a chance. Not so much. But maybe. Not likely though.

Pragmatism battles itself out right in front of our two pair o eyes!

houndstooth said...

Tee hee! You sure knew a lot about what he was doing for a guy who wasn't listening or paying attention! I like your style and I'm taking notes!


D.K. Wall said...

We think you and the Bleu would do a great job raising one of those little monsters, er, cuties.