Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 396: Catchin Up, Big Nouncement and Also Request!!!

Catchin Up

Last week beed a busy and somewhat stressful week. I not get chance to blog and so now I present to you boaf hi and lo lites:

1. The Mom had very much work stress includin after hours client meetin on Monday evenin what on top of tiredness from out of town weddin trip was just too much. She say big comfort to just flop wif us boys.

2. Last minute Dog Show t-shirt ink color not work out so had to call audible... and just hope for best on a counta there nuffin else can do.

3. GRRH brought in firteen dogs (hard to believe 13 Golden Retrievers in dire state in one week but they are!) middle of week and the Mom had to get them in the Adoption Book and also on website before the Dog Show. She finish at midnight fifteen on Friday mornin and so my four firty snuggle request come early to the her.

4. I spend week bein good boy and followin the Mom ever step oh and also givin Pink Baby and others big workout.

5. The Bleu spend week bein silly on a counta he back to bein the Mom's "toot-toot" and feelin like he ornery self. He spend lotta time beggin the Mom to play "I got this ear. And that one. And this leg. And the tail..." He love that game and get so excited and I look on and wonder what wrong wif the him to think that fun game... Just sayin.

6. The Mom come home Friday from Dog Show and her dogs were tired and I not talkin bout me and the Bleu. She worry frewout day on a counta weather report threatnin but it not come true and so we have good chillin evenin tho it hot out of door.

7. I got big happy surprise on Saturday what the Mom, inspired by the Aunt Dav, cook up for the me and the Bleu! (Look for upcomin post!) Just sayin!!!

8. I got big unhappy surprise on Saturday what was passle of thunder and not much rain. I got real upset and I jump over the Bleu head bout thousand time tryin to find where I wanted to be... but then the Mom try her new therapy what work somewhat ok and more on that later.

9. Sunday was a lot of family time and even though the Mom had to catch up on chores, she also talked and sang and rubbed our heads and laid down so we could lay down beed side of her and it was very good day what make me remember the good ole days what not so busy. Just sayin.

10. Today was ok day until the Mom left for factory and then it was great when she sneak out from work at 320pm and get home early and it was wonderful for few short minutes until the thunder it did start. She try thunder therapy on me and I end up fallin a sleep on the Bleu's legs and ok kinda nestled up into him but don't tell no body on a counta that NOT befittin of the Luke image. I fink the Bleu leg prolly lost circulation in he legs but he so happy I not havin nervous breakdown and jumpin over he head... he lay perfectly still. Just sayin.

I sorry for beedin so wordy but just had big time gap to fill in and don't want you to miss nuffin on a counta I knowed you beed waitin wif the baited breaf... (ha)

And now if I may ask the Bleu for drum roll what really he too long toe nail in 3 point circle spin on hard wood floor...


Thanks to the vigilant and scared Mom, good doctors, good medicines and more than ANY thing else... ALL WHO HAVE PRAYED OVER ME...!!!

I will not be havin surgery this Thursday on a counta my lumps are gone and there is nuffin to remove!!!

It is miracle and nuffin less. And there is no way I could ever thank you enough for all you have wished and prayed for the Luke. You see, when I go to oncologist after the mast cell tumor surgery, he only give me 10% chance it not recur. And prediction was it would recur wifin 6 monfs.

I beed a boy wif skin problems any and all ways and as Doc Mark say, I have had bout least one of ever thing and most of them he took off of the me.

And I know I already beed too verbose but I close wif this one last of two things... Ever time the Mom tell the Aunt Karen that Luke deserve break... the Aunt Karen say, "Luke got he big break was when he found his the Mom"...


And now my second and most important of last two things... I am relieved to learn that the
Woodrow is feelin better (and that Tank still has an ear!) and that is please, please, PLEASE keep prayer goin for the Phantom on a counta we most certainly will. Miracles do happen and odds are beaten and I wish and pray for sweet Phantom a thousand miracles and then some...!

Me and the Mom and the Bleu (of course) love you all!!!!!


Sierra Rose said...

We are so glad! We have been checking and waiting for you to let us know...and YOU have good news. Huraaaaaah!
We think you are so special, and really wish wish wish for the best!
I will waggggg my little puppy tail....your writing makes me smile, and mom is smily and teary..but happy to hear!!!!!

Hugs my friend,
Sierra Rose and mom

Martine said...

We are so glad your spots disapeared!!! Glad ot see you back to your old bloggen self!

xo sugar & martine

Anonymous said...

That's great news Luke. I'm glad you don't have to worry about that anymore.

Scout and Freyja said...

Luke, we are keeping you close to our ♥s and we are keeping Thunder close to our ♥s because when it comes to love our momma says that they more you give love the more it grows. So, everyone is getting prayers and good thought with many and many to spare☺wartn

Checkers & Chess said...

so relieved your bumps are gone - st francis is definitely your pal

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...


I think a PAWTY is in order!


PeeEssWoo: Tank woo fur sharing all the other bits of stuff too!

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

wow what a great post - happy you guys made it through the week even though mommy worked alot - and that you had a good weekend with mom

and it is so wonderful that you do not need surgery - we are so happy for you

thanx for the mention - i just cant resist eating stuff sometimes - and we are all pulling for pahntom to feel better soon

Woodrow, Sweetie & MJ

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

You had so much to share, Luke, thank you for keeping us up on the happenings in your life. We think the medical report is THE BEST. That is just wonderful. You and Phantom are alike in so many ways, he doesn't like t-storms either. Thanks for thinking so much of him. We are hoping that once he gets his sutures out he will be a happy boy and there will be a very long time before any lumps come back.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Anonymous said...

Mom and I completely agree with Aunt Karen!


Cousin Sidney

Thor and Jack said...
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Thor and Jack said...

What a great news! I am so happy you don´t need surgery, Luke!