Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 687: Rizzi & Zeke Birfday... And Also Free Fur All Friday!

To The Rizzi and Zeke!!!
Yep, the handsome Bishop Boys are celebratin Birfday Number Free today! And me and the Bleu [and also the Mom, just sayin] wish them the Happiest of Days!

These special boys are my good friends, my cousins and also my poker pals [shhhhhh]. They are very lucky boys on a counta my the Aunt Karen is their the Mom, and that mean that they get the kongy wif peanut butter and banana ever single day and when there are two peanut butter jars empty, they get to lick the dregs. And that is not to mention the Aunt Karen cookies... Just sayin, but I digress.

You may be familiar wif the Rizzo and Zeke, as they are quite well known as World Class Synchronized Swimmers... 
The synchronized symmetry of the turnin of their heads... is some fing to witness!
And then there is the finale... what tell the story of their special bond!
The Bishop Boys are highly decorated affletes, regulars on the podium and also pool side at The Pet Paradise... where they are pitchered here, laden wif the Gold Medals!!!
As wif every Star Afflete, it is nice to know the personal story of The Boy Behind The Medal... These boys truly need their own bloggy, on a counta they have so much to share... but for now, I will offer you one [or so] liners!

The Rizzi is an avid fan of the movin pitcher! He has much to say on the topics of Cartoons, Animal Planet, Cooking Shows and Commercials. Priceless commentary... just sayin.
The Zeke is a super swell laid back fellow who is unimpressed wif the movin pitcher! He is more about feelin the sun shine, shnoofin the season's smells and enjoyin a good nap... on a counta he is content wif life!!!
On behalf of my brother the Bleu and also my the Mom, We wish them the happiest of the birfdays... and we cannot wait to celebrate together! How about Memorial Day weekend in the Hill Country?!!!  [:::twistin the Aunt Karen's arm:::]

Now on a still fun yet more mundane note, I give you... Free Fur All Friday!

As you know, I spent most of the past 8 days in a t-shirt to ensure I did not snag my stitches. For record, I do not mind wearin the t-shirt, but I am not so crazy wif the puttin it on, followed closely by the takin it off.
That said, I DO prefer to be naked. It is who I am. I love the nakedness and also the slippers. I fink it is called... "awww natch your owl" but I am not sure why...
Boaf planned and unplanned landscapin is makin a comeback! Our yard sure need the help of somebody who know what to do wif it! Just sayin.
We are also watchin our Night Bloomin Cereus, given to us by The Herd. I do not fink this is the night, but it won't be long...
And speakin of the blooms, we have the tiny ones on our Texas Sage shrub. I love it on a counta the soft texture of the leaves!
And you know the Mom wif her "special" photographic skills... she try nother settin on camera and come up wif this. It look like the night time, but I guess it sharper. Sigh.
And to add scale figure, and also prove it our yard... I offer you the Bleu! 
And speakin of the Big Boy, the Bleu may look calm and slow and stagnant most times in pitchers... but he is also FULL O THE ZOOMIES!!!
 I enjoy my own zoomies, but the Bleu shut em down quick when he enter in... on a counta he is HUGE and our back yard is NOT! First time he frow me a block, I head for the back door... "let me in"! 

OK, THERE... I said it. The Bleu some time scare me... not a lot, just a little. 

But mostly we do share the back yard, the related shnoofins, the Mom's photo ops... yep, the Good Times!
And just one more very special fing... You guys know me. I am not a big winner of awards. I am not! 

So when I am presented one... I truly get choked up. I am honored. I hope I deserve it!

I pinch myself and rub my eyes and hope this is real... but my dear friends The Houston Pittie Pack, honor me [and also the Bleu] wif the Beautiful Blogger Award!!!
Wow!!!... What a day! What a week! Bring on the weekend!!!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

So much GOLDEN HANDSOMENESS in this post!



How Sam Sees It said...

Well, we wish Rizzi and Zeke a very happy birthday! And for your Mom, we wish her a Happy Mother's day, since she is you and the Bleu's Mom you know...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Woof!

kissa-bull said...

handshumness overlead for sure and your most deserved award for being so bewootiful.give your mommy extra slobbery pibble sugars from ush on today her special mommy day

pibble wiggles
the pittie pack

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Cousin Luke and BLeu for the Happy Birthday wishes! And to all of your blog friends. As you may know my birthday was not all fun and games. You see I had a little tummy trouble. Mom and Dad worried all weekend. Then by Monday it was a trip to cousin Luke's favorite place Fairbanks Vet Clinic. Dr. Sabo was very nice, although he poked and proded me in places I really did not like! He did make me feel better and he gave me some really good food. Mom hates it cause it smells but sure is good! The Rizzi has officially declared Rizzi and Zeke's birthday a do-over. I could not even eat my birthday cookie. We will celebrate again!!

nam said...

ahhhh the pics of them swimming are absolutely precious!

My name is Nam, and I'm a representative for Dogster Inc, founders of I'm currently browsing the web right now for rockin' Golden Retriever sites, and I think yours is great! If you want, I can send you an official award badge. Sorry I have to contact you through a comment, but I couldn't find your email! If you're interested, feel free to email me at Thanks!