Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 535: Christmas Tree & O Christmas Tree

[Please accept my apology for the back post, as I fill in dates from my paw scratched diary!]

I have been very busy today wif the holiday projects. It is exhaustin work to direct this process what I call "Merry Christmas Decoratin"... to sort and sniff frew all these boxes... and mostly to supervise my work crew (of one, Team The Mom)!

"No no... a little more to the left... and up up... now get it plumb!!!" Hard work... yes it is.

First on our project list today... was my tree! Ok, I share it wif the Bleu, on a counta he sweet boy like me... but he spend day piled up in the big bed, on a counta it is COLD! (Not to worry, though... I keep checkin up on the him!)

And what make this tree ours is all it special ornaments... mostly Golden Retriever ornaments. Lots of them celebrate the very special Comet wif the personalized ornaments, star ornaments and the reindeers wif stars. And others are fings I love... like the fire hydrants!

And there is one ornament what represent THE YOU on my tree...

The Comet had lotsa skwirrel ornaments on her tree... on a counta that girl she did love the chase. I love it, too... and I'm happy to display the fings we share...

There is no hidin it... the Mom get pretty choked up this time of year, on a counta so many wonderful memories. The Comet she loved each and every day and she seemed to understand the specialness of Christmas... she did.

So the Mom get very emotional when she place the star wif the reindeer bells... on the tree. I fink you would have to know lots a bout the Mom to understand the layers of meaning and significance. I know ole gal pretty well, and I just know she sad... but grateful.

Project two is the Mom's tree... and I supervise it be put up in the dining room.

It adorned wif the Mom's collection of Krinkle ornaments, along wif other fun barnyard animal ornaments. And highlighted are very special ornaments of the past... includin my the Mom's childhood ornaments, her the Mom's teacher ornaments, and many other symbols of friendship and fambily. 

Ummm... why are all the soft cloth and less expensive ornaments way down here??? Perhaps I would like to shnoof a Krinkle!

Ok... let's run down the checklist. Tree one up, check. Tree two up, check. Wooden snowman out, check.



NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

I was khwite taken by that special SKHWIRREL ornament!

Tank woo fur sharing your The Tree with The Us!


The Bumpass Hounds said...

It's a tough job, but somebody's got to do it. So much talent; so little time.