Saturday, October 18, 2008

Day 121: Doldrums To Celebration!

Doldrums: (noun) meaning where me and the Mom were all day...

But then she went and had dinners with Aunt Dav and Uncle Benjy... and not only were there evidently rooster tails involved but Aunt Dav made her a happy book that is most special on a counta it's about me!
This here page says Lucky Luke on a counta I am!

The Mom don't like thinkin of me here only cause Comet isn't. And I don't either cause I like her smells and her toys and I wish she was here to lay her head on the Mom's early in the morning when I'm just happy to wake up inside and don't want to be bothered. And she could be the one to jump on the bed just any time the Mom is lonely and I am so not in the mood.

All that said, I'm grateful we found and rescued each other! And cheers to "our" second life together!

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