Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 110: O No... The T Word

Thunderstorm... which we had this morning.

Tantrum... which I threw this morning.

Ticked... which the Mom was when I wouldn't let her out the door, afterwards... and I was at her for leaving me.

Thankful... which I am for having a Mom willing to be really late to work in order to be here with me during the storm... and which the Mom is for me not still being ticked when she got home.

Time... which there is never enough of, particularly in the company of those you love.

Treasure... of which love is the best kind.

Troubles... which me and the Mom have known more than our fair (as I deem myself the proper judge of such things) share.

Tumor... which, I gather, for the Mom is a very scary word.

Tears... which she tries to hide but I see well up in the Mom's eyes sometimes.

Tomorrow... for I'm told we don't know what it brings.

Together... which is where I'll be with the Mom, no matter what tomorrow brings.

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