Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 269: Greetin From Herd!

Just like Birfday Card from the Herd...
Luke have Birfday Cake!

But unlike card, Luke never turn back!

It make the Mom smile when the Herd call me "Pup" on a counta in her eye I (and my now 10 year old self) meet criteria of less than 2 year old pup what she say outside limit of adoption...

To test my "pup"ness, I say put me and dog of any age at open door or gate or even gap in fence and let see who you find and gain custody of first! In advance, I must say nice knowin you and it not my intention to flee for good but Luke love good challenge and adventure call!

[P.S. I love me the Herd but sad on a counta wonna my favorite the Cousin Porter was home chewin on bone and not at party on a counta me and she get long real well and understand one nother now so no need for nervousness. Just sayin.

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