Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 869: Kinda Lazy Friday Wif The Free Fur!

We were really busy today wif this and that... and also very frankly, we were feelin kinda lazy! These last few weeks have not been the easiest, and some times doin nuffin but chillin and nappin next to the Mom makes it feel any better!

So, I did! Just sayin.

Well, that's not all... I did other stuff, too. Here I am tryin to convey the message that I know the dinner has been prepared and is on the kitchen counter... what in your crazy mind finks I would want to come outside???
The Mom has been addin water to my dry food so that it is easier on my froat... I am an instant gratification kind of guy and do not like waitin...!

Out of frustration, I went out, made a quick swaff frew the back yard hopin that a quick turn-round would improve the dinner service around here!
And it did!

Dinner in my belly, I'm MUCH more interested in millin about in the backyard. I mean, it's a beautiful day and the temperature is just a bit chilly... my favorite kind of weather!
For sure, I've not felt my best this week... It's not that I feel awful, I just don't feel myself.
I don't feel nearly as energetic or full of the mischief that I normally do...
And I have to keep remindin my the Mom... these are the mild temporary side effects were told to expect.
I'm not sure she hears me, on a counta she is too busy monitorin my every move and... if I know the Mom... worryin and prayin!
I've wrapped up my businesses and I am really ready to go in of doors... 
But the Bleu is still tryin to plot the correct coordinates for the big all important drop... So me and the Mom enjoy some lovin on the patio.  
My the Mom has all ways loved my soft and somewhat wild neck furs... And these days, I am not wearin a collar 24x7, so here is the Friday Free Fur! 
Like all ways, once we went inside... I was also excited to go back out wif the first invitation!
And I made all manner of perimeter checks and shnoofins. I mean... I did my duty!!!
Once back in and settled, and ok... as a result of me not feelin quite myself, we have had a bit of drama in the bedroom.

You see... when the Bleu goes to the kitchen to fill his hump, I have made it a practice of lyin down in his preferred location on the floor. When he comes back and sees me in his place, he begins to have a nervous breakdown. Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap... until the Mom guides him in to the bed you see him in.
Once there, he settles and is quite content... but it is quite the ordeal to guide him in!

Fank you for your foughts and prayers.
Team Luke rocks!!!
The Love Protocal works!!!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Those are soooooo my kind of temperatures too!

I hope woo khan keep the old girl under khontrol!


♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

You are so lucky to have such a wonderful Mom to take good care of you and Bleu. We think it is such a good thing that you want to eat. Hope the weekend finds you feeling much better.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

♥I am Holly♥ said...

We sure know how it is for the mom to pray over you and watch your every move the Luke! That's a good thing though! We are glad you are eating and know you aren't yourself right now but we are saying lots of prayers and crossing paws here for you to get lots better! We sure don't want the Bleu to have a nervous started laughing here over that one! Have a great night and a wonderful Sunday! Lots of love to you, Holly and mom

houndstooth said...

I see your ornery streak hasn't been affected any! I had a good giggle about your antics, because it sounds like some of the goings on around here!


How Sam Sees It said...

If your Mom is anything like our Mom - she worries about every little sniff and mistep. It's all good - it is sure sign that they love us above all else!

We are glad to see that you are feeling well enough to tease your brother!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I wish I had a free for all day when I did not have to wear my harness. (like you not wearing your collar.
I will ask my mom what she thinks

Scout and Freyja said...

It sounds to me like you will need to force your the mom to rest and to cuddle and to read books and to listen to good music. She needs to relax and enjoy having both of her boys nearby.

The Daily Pip said...

Hi Luke, Sorry you are a little out of sorts! We are all pulling for you, friend!

Your pal, Pip