Saturday, November 1, 2008

Day 135: Golden Retriever Gala Masterpiece, Part Four

I call this one "Luke's Fourth"... a simphony and celebration of all things Luke for my first four months of Chapter Two!

Neat stuff I included (sorta from top left to bottom right):

My first swell photo in my new forever home.

A four leaf clover on a counta I was born on 031599 Ides of March... and the Mom calls me her "Good Luke Charm"...

My very first toys to call my own... pretty much ever... and now they're, like... my OLD toys!

Fun postage stamps like postage stamps should be wif handsome boy on em.

Awesome studly profile of handsome golden what just so happens to be me.

Molasses Madnesses! (Ain't Aint Elaine's GRRH COOKIES but good! Aint E's cookies not round long enough to take pitcher!!!)

Film strip of my first baff!

First letter I wrote by way of introduction in background over me nosin my waf fru new backyard.

License plate like I would have if the Mom would sign drivers ed consent and Uncle Tom would buy me fast car cause you know the Mom would only buy tank wif low-jack device and GPS tracking device that would kill engine at edge of driveway if it started at all.

"grrh is great" fashionable dog tag jewelry on a counta they are! Just sayin.

Pet Paradise photo taken by Aunt Karen and fallen in love wif by the Mom.

Adoption day photo. Pretty much happiest day of my life till all the others came after it.

Squirrel what I love to chase out of my yard.

Me snoozin wif the Mingo on a counta he's sweet and so am I.

And who could forget Kongy???

Bar code wif my worf... Does that say "weight in gold"? Wow but not sure in this conomy it worf more or less than yesterday but still worf vestin in for long haul for sure. Look close you'll seem my birfday, day I first met the Mom and my adoption day wif dash to Forever. Also 736 on right hand side is my GRRH number what means (1) wow lots o good folks came 'fore me and (2) me and the Mom's new lucky number cause lots o good folks came for me.

Me admirin my yard and my life (as the Mom watches me and worries bout my funder problem...)

When I was all done wif my compy-zition, the Mom looked on and she asked to overlay her own sentiments. She bein the one wif who can best get the pnut butter jar open not to mention rapper off cheese, so course I said sure!

She added her words:


And my personal favrite one what makes me feel best inside:


Love my life, love my (the) Mom, got it good and know it (even when home alone cause I inside wif Kongy and other toys and tv and bed and tempered airs and know it won't be long fore I not lone no more), like thinkin on it and happy to celebrate it wif the folks who made it possible!!!

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