Saturday, November 15, 2008

Day 149: GRRH Family Reunion, Check On Mom

One thing any good boy does when he at family reunion (besides run big circles and do big businesses which pretty much go wifout sayin) is check back wif the Mom.

First gotta make sure she ain't taken up wif nobody else and second gotta make sure she ain't slipped off just sayin.

Wasn't really worried bout either but since we had conversation on way there went like this:

The Mom: "Luke, please don't forget who your Mom is."

Luke: "Aww, Mom... please don't barass me!"

Nother great xample of genius photography. That me, checkin in... bottom right corner.

The Mom been rackin brain on what kinda job she might get when we livin under what she call the bridge (don't know why she call aunt and uncle guest room the bridge, but whatever)... guess we can rule out anything require camera just sayin.

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