Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 300!!!!!: A Retrospective

I grateful for my days wif my Fuzzy Friends on a counta if not for all ways they believe in me for 9 almost 10 months... I not have this blog today. And that all I gonna say... we move on!

But lookin back on my first days in GRRH Family... what I spend in PET PARADISE... and it WAS on a counta it most excellent change of scenery (not to EVEN mention ride in Porsche!) and also give me the hope and attention that GOOD things to come!

(By way... no need for air horn wif the Luke!)

Check out my awesome coat of fur back then!

And look! No bald spot!!!

And now must tell you that this depress the Mom on a counta she take hot spot personal... but I try remind her these pics taken early summer and fur thick on a counta not be brushed most ever day and certainly no furry-me-nater! Besides... will gladly trade hot and bald spot for happiness and lovin home wif the Mom!

But LOVE to stretch my legs and let wind blow frew my fur! Pet Paradise awesome place!

Just sayin!
My Cousin Collin give good hug and that day I think "Me and Little Man... we tight"...
Ain't no rub like a belly rub under just right circumstance!

And this my favorite out of door choreography. I demonstrate weekly. The Mom think it scratchin cheek and chin... but I call it "puttin on the grass cologne"... only this grass smell like knock-off!
Luke large... and proud...and handsome. And can only say that when refer to self in third dog.
This pitcher funny on a counta this just the way I still scratch... ceptin now I slip off into room what the Mom not in and cannot see... to scratch where it itch!

But for the Mom this somewhat sad pitcher on a counta I scratchin zact location of mast cell tumor what I had removed. I say somewhat on a counta great thing bout all ways it work out is that the Mom a tentive to tiny little bump and on a counta that... it gone! She just sad on a counta it ever there at all and she think Luke (again, third dog) deserve never have nuffin wrong.

Typical Mom. Just sayin.

It happy to reminisce on this on a counta I fly frew and round and round and round and round yard today... and just I just love freedom of stretchin leg out!
Now take a good long look at me and the Cousin Collin...

Didn't know then but I know now... me and 'Little Man' have lots in common!

1. We family.
2. We boaf blessed wif strikin good looks!
3. We boaf hip and cool and I have to defer to the "Cousin Collin" for other terms what apply to our overall attractiveness...
4. We boaf a lot loved and a little doted on... and nuffin unmanly bout that on a counta we boaf have that certain sumfin what the ladies love...
5. We boaf play a mean game of poker!
6. And we boaf love GRRH!

P.S. and by-the-way... I will only know I made it big when I referred to exclusively as "Cousin Luke". Dream big they say and I do!
Pay off so far!!!


Mason Dixie said...

What a great post today. thank you for sharing all those memories and about you and your cousin, yes both in deed very handsome. =)

Checkers & Chess said...

You are a definitely a "golend boy" with beautiful photos and a lucky cousin. Thanks for sharing about your life!