Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 299: A First!

When I first come live here in my home wif the Mom... She invite me on regular occasion to hop up in comfy chair in study what the Comet so loved...

And I think... "No way. It trap."

So many days go by and the Mom not force issue and in fact she stop invitin, but then tonight for some reason... she kiss me on nose and pat pat pat on chair...

And I hop up and make self comfy.

And so I analyze this chair:

1. This chair IS comfy. Can see why the Comet love it so much! It not look so good... but can see why the Mom has kept it round. She say it remind her of the Wellington AND the Comet... and now it remind her of the me! (Don't think it BIG enough for the Bleu cause it tight fit for me! Just sayin...

2. Can't believe I ever thought this chair could be trap... on a counta it don't look even least bit like one and well... the Mom, she bout most mushiest Mom ever! And it really hard to remember ever not trustin that woman wif her offer of this sweet chair, let alone this sweet... and I DO mean SWEET... gig!

3. Chair so good... what else am I missin out on? And why it take her two hunderd somefin days to pat pat pat again?

4. Mappin this chair as good place to hang out when the Mom on the compy. Good view of backyard and big cube of water (don't know what that thing is) but tempy-toor gonna have to be just right to enjoy cause nuffin beat coolness of tile floor, even if it ain't so soft.

5. Strategic Weakness: Can't block the Bleu in or out of room.

Just sayin.

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Checkers & Chess said...

that does look like a comfy chair - you gotta trust your mom - she's always going to do what is best for you - she will never trap you