Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 245: Focus

The Mom been spendin lots o time on other things ok GRRH and so I can't complain not too much. But when when she leave for factory this very mornin she say tonight is "my" (meanin Luke... ok, meanin Luke and Bleu) night, so we happy and not neiver of us lick or chew hole in skin... That our way of sayin we know you love us and we wait patiently while you go try make money to pay our bills. And so we do.

All that said, this picture blurry on a counta the Mom come home and still not able to focus on the us.

Between landscaper who here when she come home... and two loose dogs on street what she got secure and find owner and safely deliver home at 915pm... she rub our heads and say sweet nuffins.

Ain't the same as havin unrestricted backyard access and the Mom in her jammies at 7pm but sometime gotta flect on back before the Mom was the Mom... and it pretty darn good lay up on big bed while the Mom deliver two cute and scared and lost doggies back to their home. Just sayin.

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